Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Blossom Necklace

What says summer better than a bouquet of brightly colored flowers?  While I was in Arizona, I stopped in a bead store and bought a bag of lucite flowers.  I used some of the flowers and mold n pour to make some floral molds.  I melted a pot of clear Utee and then used red, blue and magenta To Dye For to mix up different shades of purple.  I molded a gazillion flowers and picked out the ones I liked best and that fit on the metal stampings I used for the necklace base.  The center piece is made from a square, gold colored stamping.  I bent under one corner and hammered it flat.  The side pieces are round, gold colored stampings with a loop on each side.  First I sprayed the stampinsg on both  sides with a clear gloss sealer.  This keeps the metal from turning color.  Next I joined the round side pieces to the center piece with jump rings.  Using loctite glue, I glued the flowers to the metal bases.  I put a self-stick jewel in the center of each flower.  I squirted some Diamond Glaze in the center of each flower and with my finger spread it outward on the petals.  This seals in the jewel and gives the flower a nice shine.  When the Diamond Glaze was dry, I glued some leaf beads around the flowers.

I finished the neclace by attaching .014 beading wire with crimp beads, beading each side and ending with a toggle clasp.

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  1. I am amazed at all the beautiful jewelry you create with UTEE. I started reading this post and just went back through lots of your old posts because I was enjoying your work so. Thank you so much for sharing.