Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I joined a swap on an on-line group where you had to make a medal using rubber stamps.  I came up with this Celtic medal.

With a pasta machine or rolling pin, roll brown polymer clay  to a 1/8 in. thickness.  Stamp the lace stamp (Judikins) with white pigment ink.  Cut out one of the lace points.  Set aside.

Roll gold polymer clay out to a 1/8 in. thickness.  Stamp with Celtic square from the Judikins Celtic Cube #1.

With a stirrer straw or toothpick, punch a hole in the bottom point of the lace and a corner of the Celtic square.  Bake both pieces according to instructions on polymer clay package.  Let cool

Paint the square with green mica gloss (Judikins).  Let try. With a little gold Rub n' Buff on your finger, highlight the design.

Adhere four emerald self-stick jewels to the lace piece.  Cover both pieces with Diamond Glaze (Judikins)
Use a gold paint pen to cover the sides and back of the Celtic square.

Take a small piece of ecru lace with picots on both edges wide enough so the picots extend on either side of the lace piece.  Mix some green mica gloss with Diamond Glaze to make a stiffener.  Swish the lace in the mixture making sure the entire piece of lace is covered.  Squeeze out the extra siffener.  I would suggest wearing rubber gloves for this procedure.  Flatten out the lace on a non-stick surface.  Press the polymer clay lace piece unto the real lace.  The Diamond Glaze will glue the pieces together.  Let dry completely.

Make a small bow out of 3/8 in. sheer green ribbon.  Glue to top of polymer clay lace piece.  Attach Celtic square to lace piece with a large oval jump rink.  Glue on a pin back.