Thursday, May 19, 2011


This crazy mad crafting scientist has been cackling over her melting pot tossing in radom embossing powders to see what she comes up with. No gold or silver or precious metals, but I did come up with a cool color that's a cross between carnelian and red agate, so I'm calling it carnagate. I don't even remember what I tossed in the mix, but I know I started with clear and red UTEE and some orange To Dye For. Sprinkled in some white, pearl, black and copper UTEE and some brown regular embossing powder. Some pieces came out a really scary color and got tossed back in the pot. These pieces came out the best, the rose being my favorite. Well, it's back to the lab, er I mean kitchen, to see what other gemstones I can invent.