Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ever wonder what to do with an inchie, those little one inch square works of art that people are talking about? You could incorporate them into your cardmaking or scrapbooking but you all know how crazed I am about jewelry so it's only natural that I would turn an inchie into a necklace. For this project you will need:

1 18 inch silver chain with toggle clasp

1 1 x 1 memory frame with loops (Ranger Memory Frames)

2 1 x 1 pieces of memory glass (Ranger)

1 1 1/4 inch silver head pin

1 silver jump ring

2 small round silver beads

1 blue glass bead

round nose pliers

chain nose pliers

1 inchie (My inchie was made by Judi from Judi-Kins)

Remove the split rings from the memory frame.

Take your inchie and sandwich it between the two pieces of memory glass and insert into memory frame.

Attach the jump ring to the top loop of the frame and attach frame to the center of the chain.

Place a small silver bead, the blue glass bead and the other silver bead on the head pin. Make a loop and attach to the bottom loop of the memory frame.

Your necklace is finished.