Saturday, November 13, 2010


I recently purchased a half sheet of butterfly stamps from I Brake For Stamps to stamp up a tote bag which I still haven't done yet. While trying to decide which butterflies to put on the tote, I remembered that somewhere I had butterfly cookie cutters. I found the cookie cutters and one of the butterflies was just about the same size as one of the stamps and so the idea for this necklace was born.

I melted black UTEE in my melting pot and poured some on my craft sheet. Immediately I pressed the cookie cutter into the UTEE and allowed it to set but not completely cool. I then pulled the excess UTEE up from the cutter and popped the butterfly out. I did this two more times. While the third butterfly was cooling I mixed some interference colors in the black to do something else. When I popped out the third butterfly I had to poke it out with a tool and I ruined it. This is why the center butterfly of the neclace has some colors in it and is not completely black. I had to make another butterfly with the mixed colors.

Next I took the butterfly stamp, applied permanent gold ink with a makeup sponge and stamped it on the UTEE butterflies. If any part of the image didn't come out, I filled it in with a gold paint pen. I applied self stick jewels to the butterflies and then dropped on a small amount of diamond glaze and spread it around the top of the butter fly with my finger. I attached tabs to each wing with loctite glue. Dug through my beads until I found something I liked, made a couple of dangles and bead components and strung it all together.


  1. Beautifully done...thanks for sharing the *recipe*, too!

  2. This is gorgeous and I really appreciate that you told us how you made it. I may never make anything like it, but it's fun learning how you did it.