Friday, August 27, 2010


Continuing with the enameled teapot theme, I had to do a project for a swap I'm in. I found a couple of 4 x 4 canvases in a drawer and decided to experiment. I sprayed the canvas with cranberry and butterscotch Colorwash and gold Smooch sprays. I brushed on a layer of beeswax and layed down a torn piece of Asian newspaper in the wet wax. Brushed some more wax over the newspaper and then brushed red and gold perfect pearls around the edge. Heated the piece with a heat gun to sort of smooth everything together. Brushed some beeswax on the back of the teapot and stuck it down. The teapot was done exactly the same way as the teapot in my previous post. Stuck an epoxy sticker in the upper left corner, wrapped the sides of the canvas with a red braided trim, glued some red and gold seed beads in the lower left corner with glossy accents and put in on an easel.


  1. Kathy it looks like you spended hours and hours on this piece it is alsome.....


  2. Gorgeous!!!!!! That is just amazing!

  3. This is lovely. You seem to be in a lot of swaps. The recipient of this one will be lucky.